ROTD on Yelp!

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On Wednesday, December 17th, my review of La Mar was selected as the Review of the Day on Hollah!!! I felt so proud!!


Ask me to eat Peruvian any day of the week and I will not object.

La Mar is super sexy and oh-so-hip.  I walked in and was immediately impressed with the openness of the layout and the buzz of blue lights serving as not-so-subtle touches to the bar.  [Inner voice says: “This is my kind of a place”.]

I adore splashes of color and La Mar does a great job in decor.  Love the electric turquoise-colored chairs and the neon green and coral-colored menus.

And speaking of color, sweet Jesus do they know how to plate at this restaurant!  My dining companion + I shared the causas tasting menu and were totally blown away at how artfully and meticulously plated those little suckers were!  And oh were they delicious.  In retrospect, if I could’ve eaten any one particular dish over and over again that night, it would’ve been the causas.  Man….

I would definitely recommend La Mar as a sexy spot for a date who’s open to try new + flavorful dishes.

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