The results are in…

So, it’s been determined what I’m allergic to… Dust mites.  How glamorous is that?  My doctor, who’s absolutely fabulous by the way, has informed me that I have two options available to treat ’em.  1) Get a shot in my arm once a week, every week, for [potentially] the next 3-5 years or 2) put these non-FDA approved drops under my tongue once a day, every day, for who knows how long.  Awesome!

No, but in all seriousness, I’m really glad that we’ve figured it out and I can’t wait to assume an optimal quality of life.

Now as for the crumby news.  It appears that my nasal polyp problem has reared its ugly head again.  My CT scan results suggest that my sinuses are almost completely congested. Basically, my sinuses aren’t working properly because they can’t drain themselves.  My doc put my CT scan up against a person with a normal sinus cavity and there are stark differences – I am so congested!  Where a normal person has a bunch of black spots in their sinus cavity to indicate where air should pass through, I have grey clouds which suggest that my sinuses are almost completely blocked.  [I must snore like an old man.] She *thinks* it’s polyps, but she won’t know for certain until she gets in there and operates. 

I’m probably going to schedule my procedure for either the last week in January or the first week in February.  She’s recommending that I take a week off from work to recuperate and that I’m not allowed to fly for three weeks afterwards.  Additionally, I will have to take Singulair, Nasocort, Advair, a saline solution to cleanse the area, and I will need to invest in some of those anti-allergy pillow cases and sheets.  Fun, right?

I’m a little nervous for the surgery, but I think it’ll be alright.

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