Slumdog + Vicky Cristina Double-Header!

Oh damn.  I love being independent!  Yesterday was a rainy, dreadful day in San Francisco yet I decided that it was the perfect day to go out and watch some films I had been meaning to see for some time now!

And tickle me pretty!  Two films which have been on my radar for awhile were both playing at Sundance Kabukes – Slumdog Millionaire + Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  Done + done! 

Let’s start with Slumdog.  Holy cow, do I now have a crush on Dev Patel!    [Looking at IMDB’s site, I’m seeing that Dev was born in 1990.  Whoa, 18?  Really?  Inner voice says, “Christ, does that make me a pervert?”]  Anywho, let’s discuss the plot.  Talk about unpredictable and exciting!  The director had a great way of luring the filmgoer into each and every scene, never quite knowing how that particular scene was going to link to the game show.  Every character was so likable, even Salim, and every actor who played Jamal was so adorably naive, you couldn’t help but love him.  I would definitely see this film again and would recommend it to anyone looking for something non-mainstream, exciting, and different.  [Half-spoiler alert: Be sure to stay for the credits.] 

As for Vicky Cristina, holy cow!  Do I now have a crush on Javier Bardem!  Ohmygosh, I got weak in the knees every time he was on camera.  Scarlett Johansson [Cristina] was excellent, as was Penélope Cruz.  Though, call me a beotch, but I just wasn’t that impressed with Rebecca Hall [Vicky].  In fact, throughout the entire film, I kept asking myself, “hmmm… who would’ve played a better Vicky?”  Even now, I’m not sure who I would’ve cast for that part.  Anne Hathaway?  Amy Adams?  Rachel McAdams?  All I know is it wouldn’t have been Rebecca.  Again, call me a beotch.  I don’t care. 

All in all, it was a great film.  In fact, I’m now on an inspired quest to see all of Woody Allen’s films.  [Thank Buddah I just upgraded my Netflix account to three at a time – awww yeah!]

Looking back on this rainy Sunday of mine, I can’t help but smile, for some might use the excuse of the pouring rain to keep them locked indoors, mindlessly watching TV or doing something else uneventful; yet I, I braved the elements and did something I wanted to do, regardless of what crap weather we were having.  The fact that I feel empowered to get out and do what I want to do, on my own schedule, even it if means going to the movies by myself [an activity traditionally reserved for groups or couples], makes me feel alive and feel proud!  Hot damn!  It’s days like this, experiences like that that reinforce why I love being an independent, care-free, confident woman!


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