Who is Katie Carroll?

I’ve compiled a short list of things that make me, well, ME!!  [okay, call me crazy.  I know there are a handful of you out there who will read this and laugh, primarily because you think that my neurotic list-making is, well, neurotic.  I say, don’t knock it’ til ya try it, ya’ll!]

Who is Katie:

  1. Runner, Marathoner
  2. Athlete
  3. Ultimate Frisbee player
  4. Yogi (Bikram and Vinyasa)
  5. Healthy
  6. Coffee-Lover
  7. Traveler
  8. Foodie
  9. Music Aficionado
  10. Camera-crazy
  11. Busy Body
  12. Organized
  13. Headband Lover
  14. Body Spray Obsessive
  15. Multi-Vitamins (everyday!)
  16. Sunscreen (everyday!)
  17. Avid Yelper
  18. Social Photographer/Historian
  19. Big Toothy Smile
  20. Letter-writer
  21. Avid Reader
  22. Dancer
  23. Creative
  24. Energetic
  25. Decorator
  26. Articulate
  27. Hard-worker
  28. Ambitious
  29. Driven
  30. Super Social
  31. Goal-Oriented

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