First April Post

Wow, so much time has elapsed since my last post.  And so much has happened!! 

Let’s do a quick recap of 2009 thus far.  [Crimeny, can you believe that we’re already 1/4 done with 2009??!  Time is surely a’flyin’!]

Okay, in early February, I had my sinus surgery which required a week’s worth of recovery, abstaining from work and from working out [which, admittedly, was really hard for me].  David flew out from London to be with me during the week – which was a wonderful gesture, he most definitely proved himself as one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  The month of February was largely uneventful due to strictly abiding by my doctor’s orders of keeping things generally mellow + low key.  However, as soon as the end of the month approached and March was upon us, things turned a corner!

Liz + Meagan flew out from NYC for a week, giving us ladies the perfect excuse to venture up to Tahoe for a weekend, rent a cabin, and enjoy each others company.  The crew consisted of yours truly, Liz, Meagan McCrystle, Megan Gordon, and Julie Kim. So much fun, we really need to plan these kinds of adventures annually.  The only peeps that were missing from the equation were: Allison, Michelle, Aline + Jade.  Lindsey + Derek + Dave would’ve been amazing, too.

The month of March officially jump started my re-introduction to working out aggressively again – and it felt freakin’ great!  I was able to commit to a YEARLY Bikram Yoga membership at the studio down the block from my flat and with my work Stay Fit Benefit program that I opted into, I only had to pay $100 out of pocket for my entire membership!!  Could I be more stoked?!  The answer is no.

On top of that, my dear friend, Michael, who resides up in the lovely land of Port, decided to kick start the month by initiating the notion of holding each other accountable with a list of shared goals.  The requirements of said goals tasked each of us to come up with 5 personal achievements that we wanted to accomplish for the month of March, which we would then exchange with each other in an effort to hold each other accountable for what we set out to do.  Freakin’ brilliant and oh-so-timely.  To get each other super revved up, each of us [unbeknownst to each other] put music in the mail to serve as inspiration for the other person – talk about an amazing week!  Who doesn’t like to receive snail mail?  No one!  Hell, even the devil loves getting a little card in the mail!

Additionally, mid-March kicked off Ultimate Frisbee season in SF’s lush + lovely Golden Gate Park!  [I can’t believe I’ve been playing SFUL now for 4 years!!  wa wa wee  waa waa, time certainly flies…]  My team is really rad, captained by a felluh by the name of DK, and manned by a slew of uberly friendly folk.  So far, so good.  Oh, and I ran the Emerald Across the Bay 12K for the 2nd year in a row, and while I didn’t beat my amazing finish time in 2008, I DID meet a new friend, a young lady that I was able to provide with some good music suggestions after she confessed to always running to Rianna.

Fast forward to the present, and we’re already in April.  W.O.W.  This past weekend was tough [and was a wash from a social/activity standpoint], for I have been battling the worst flu I’ve ever experienced since moving to SF.  That first flu was like no pain I had ever experienced in my short 24yrs on earth; this current illness, while made more manageable with the help of some of my left-over codeine pills from my surgery back in February [thankyouverymuch, Doctor!], it still had the effect of knocking me straight on my ass, with no voice, a pounding headache, a constant ringing in my ears, body aches + pains like I had been flung from the back of a pick-up truck, and some weird-colored congestion in my nose + throat.  Yeah, straight nasty, yo.  Anywho, I think the worst is over as I sip on a delcious Gatorade Lemonade and suck on a refreshing Dole Strawberry Fruit Bar.  I think I will grab another one here shortly….

Alrighty, well I think that about wraps up the last two months that I didn’t post.  Oh, there were other events that I won’t go into explicit detail on here [read: SPQR with Julie, Derek’s Birthday Hike, Dancing at Ruby Skye, Lucky Penny at 4am, Kaskade at Slide, Vision Boards + Pizza with Julie, Long Talks re: LIFE with Liz, etc], but all the non-posting has made me realize that I need to do a much better job at posting my thoughts + occurences here so that I can not only give that small percentage of folks who might actually read this with some nice little nuggets to catch up on, but that I can also capture all them thoughts that be rollin’ around in my ADD head these days.  Additionally, this should serve as a tremendously positive platform for me to continue to practice + polish up my writing skillz + refine my witty banter.

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