Playing Air Hockey in the Middle of the Day

Life sure is splendid, isn’t it?  I just got back to my desk after taking a mini-break with three of my closest friends in the SF office, playing in an unofficial Air Hockey tournament at the arcade next to the movie theatre.  We got ice cream — well, I grabbed an oatmeal cookie, everybody else got ice cream — and after a couple of rounds of competitive shuffling across the Air Hockey board (which was aptly named HOT FLASH, I kid you not), I came in third place.  Guess it’s better than getting first place loser, right?  (Sorry, Dave.)

Anywho, at some point during the tournament, it dawned on me at how charmed of a life I am blessed with.  To be able to steal away from my desk for about an hour, exchange funny banter with some good quality people, and play a good old fashioned old skool arcade game…. I found myself thinking that not many other people in this world have these same kinds of opportunities or work in environments that afford them with such immediate access to an Air Hockey table. 

It’s the little things, right?  All those little moments that enrich our days, make us appreciative of all the hurdles we’ve overcome to get to the very spot we’re standing at. 

Who knew Air Hockey would conjur up so many positive feelings in me?

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