Pulling the Trigger: Combining HBC ’09 + The Chicago Marathon

Today is a monumental day.  Le trigger has been pulled.  Le barrel of le gun is now le smoking.  What am I talking about, you ask?  Well, I just booked Liz  + my hotel accommodations for our upcoming trip to Chicago in early October, marking Liz’s inaugural marathon + my 3rd!!

According to the official Bank of America Chicago Marathon website, today marks 183 days until the race.  And of course after I read this, a lightbulb went off in my head!  In thinking about resurrecting the Headband Challenge, and determining what the exact rules will need to consist of, the consensus after talking to several of my friends has been that I need to go 100 straight days [including weekends], wearing a new headband each day.  And if I could somehow tie my headband-wearing ambitions to a noteworthy cause, soliciting donations each day of the challenge and turning said donations over to a charity of some sort, well, how amazing would that be!

And so it has occured to me that I will thus be launching the Headband Challenge of 2009 100 days prior to the day of the Chicago Marathon, which is slated to occur on Sunday, October 11th.  I just back-tracked 100 days prior to the start, and if my calculations are correct, that would mean that the HBC of ’09 would commence on the 4th of July!!  How inspiring and patriotic of me!!  [Perhaps that means that I’ll need to kickstart the challenge with a stars ‘n’ stripes themed head piece?!]  And, in taking a look at all the charities that are paired up to the Chi-Town Marathon, I have tons ‘o choices, though I’m leaning most heavily towards supporting the American Cancer Society, given my grandfather’s battle with melanoma.

Man, who’s pumped??  Who??  Oh, that would be ME!! 

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