On Being Productive

Call me crazy, but my favorite weekends are often times determined by how productive I’ve been.  Being that I’m a self-described “list girl”, I tend to start off every weekend with a fresh list of things I intend to tackle for the days ahead.  The standard weekend list usually consists of the following 4 items:

  1. Work Out [long run through the park, Bikram Yoga]
  2. Do Laundry
  3. Clean Room
  4. Go Grocery Shopping

I imagine this list is similar to most people’s typical Weekend To-Do.  Pepper in some other household chores, a dash of residual work left over from the previous work week, perhaps sprinkle in some extra errands, and you have yourself a robustly productive weekend.

[Is it bad that I have to pencil in “be social” from time to time?  Whatever.]

As far as weekends go, this one has been pretty spectacularly productive thus far – and it’s only Saturday night!  The weekend started off right with a long run down the Embarcadero with Ian Goode after work last night.  This morning started super early [well, 7am].  Jade + I hit up Bikram at 8am – her very first class!  Then I squeezed in a leisurely viewing of Reality Bites which I have never actually seen 100% all the way through from start to finish.  After a lovely shower, I matched up with Jade and we enjoyed a homemade sack lunch in Golden Gate Park.  What a gorgeous day to eat lunch in the park!  We then hit up the bank and Trader Joe’s, and I wound up going to the laundromat and doing 4 loads of laundry, including washing all of my bedding.

Now I’m just winding down for the night, recording today’s musings, after watching one of my favorite films, Memento, starring the uberly hot Guy Pearce.  What’s up for tomorrow, you ask?  Well, I would love to start my day with a long run through the park, and I would like to follow up my hard work with a lovely blueberry bran muffin from my favorite SF cafe.  We’ll see….  Until next time.

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