Finding Happiness Every Day

I’ve been on a quest lately, challenging myself to find one thing, each day, that makes me smile. But you know something? It’s not so challenging so long as you consciously maintain this perspective every day. There are a million little moments that I find myself relishing in each day — whether it’s feeling the warm sun on my face on the walk to the train in the morning or if it’s hearing one of my favorite songs on my iTunes playlist or if it’s receiving an email from a friend that I haven’t talked to in awhile. These are all moments that I would otherwise skim over, but with this challenge being top of mind, I find that I have a heightened appreciation for all those tiny occurrences that make our days just that much more special.

Today I’m thankful for the warm sunshine, for it enabled me to savor a long and relaxing run through the park this morning and it allowed me to enjoy an impromptu picnic lunch + a game of Sudoku, sitting on a blanket under a tree in the park this afternoon.

Being present + mindful everyday makes one more conscious of the time we have on this earth. When we’re not present and appreciative of the special things, we might as well be sleepwalking. There are too many people on this planet that are on “auto-pilot” — going through their everyday motions without realizing the big picture.

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