Runner’s World Quote of the Day

“Running is the space in my day when I feel the most beautiful – when I don’t feel judged by others.  And that’s what I want for all little girls.” 
[MOLLY BARKER, Founder of Girls on the Run International]

Man, how inspiring is this quote?   I subscribe to Runner’s World quote of the day and this was the quote that found its way in my inbox this morning.  For me, it’s so timely and oh-so-relevant. 

I’m actively training to run the SF Marathon in late July and there are definitely times when I don’t feel like running, when I talk myself out of a long run because I’d rather go to Bikram or I just feel like staying in and being lazy.  My friend, Michael, told me the other day, “….well, you know, Katie, this challenge ahead of you is going to be much more psychological than physical… but I have faith in you!” 

He’s so right.  Looking back on the training and preparation it took for me to run my first marathon in October of 2007, I remember how mentally tasking it was for me to talk myself through each long run.  But you know what?  I AM UP FOR THIS CHALLENGE!!

The aforementioned quote is the perspective that I need to maintain to remember just why I run.  When I hit the streets, clad in my running gear and armed with my updated iPod, I feel truly free.  I feel beautiful and strong and confident and capable – and no one can take that away from me!  This is why I run.  For fitness, for peace of mind, for strength, to feel connected to all the moving parts of my body, my breath, and to feel inspired by all things beautiful in nature.  I run because I can.  I run because it allows me to connect, not only with myself and with my innermost thoughts, but if I bring along a running partner, it gives me an opportunity to strengthen my ties with that person, exchanging ideas in an environment without walls or boundaries.

I am UP for this challenge!!  Thank you, Runner’s World!!  Thank you, Michael!! And thank you, Molly Barker!!


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