Fortune Cookie Irony

I’ve always struggled with accurately identifying a situation that’s truly “ironic”, so more often than not, when I’m uncertain if a situation can be technically defined as ironic, I usually just chalk it up as “coincidental”.

On that note, I experienced a situation yesterday that I can’t help but think is ironic.  Here’s how it went down…

Over the weekend, I went on a semi-impulsive shoe-shopping spree, dropping about $350 on 5 pair of shoes [which is actually a pretty good deal].  Anywho, when I got home, I immediately started to feel emotions that resembled buyer’s remorse, so I took inventory of the purchases I just made, tried everything on again, and decided that I didn’t really need 3 of the 5 pairs of shoes I had just bought.  So on Tuesday, I returned the 3 pairs of shoes that I had deemed uneccessary purchases after the fact — a return that was the equivalent of ~$225.   [Ya, I know.]

While at the exact same store that I purchased + subsequently returned said shoes, I decided somewhat impulsively to buy myself a new wallet.  [Okay, it was cute, reasonably priced, and the color totally spoke to me.  Whatevs, don’t hate.] 

Anywho, returning to my office, cleaning out the contents of my current wallet to transfer them to the new wallet, I stumbled across two fortune cookie papers that I had saved some time ago, but had completely forgotten about.

The first one read: “A new pair of shoes will do you a world of good!” 
[Whoa, really?]

….and the second one read: “You shouldn’t overspend at the moment. Frugality is important”
[Whoa, really???]

Anywho, I thought these messages were both ironic/coincidental in light of my recent purchase/return.  Maybe it’s more coincidental than anything…. Whatevs, it was freakin’ weird.

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