Butterflies + Marching Bands

An odd title for today’s posting, no? 

Recently I found myself explaining to a friend about a highly anticipated upcoming event as though I have “butterflies + marching bands pouncing around in the space that is my stomach”.    This got an outward chuckle out of my friend, who then responded, “…. yeah, but it’s nice to feel that way, no?”  I could agree more.  While I’ve definitely had trouble sleeping as of late, and my concentration at work has been completely shot, and I find myself over-analyzing any and all probable future scenarios, I wouldn’t not want to feel this way.  What’s great is that I really can’t remember the last time I felt this way — and it feels pretty freakin’ radicchio lettuce.

The weather today is totes ab-fab [totally absolutely fabulous], and at the moment I’m thinking to myself why I’m choosing to stay in when it’s so damn pretty out?  Truth be told, I’ve been feeling so blah lately, energy stores have been depleted, mind feels as though it’s muddled in cobwebs +  booze, so I’m thinking I am in need of some much deserved mellowness.  There’s a show out in Oakland that I’m heading out to later this evening [read: M Ward] and tomorrow morning marks my first time running Bay 2 Breakers.  That being said, right now is chill time.  Embrace it, Katie.


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