Why Deny Yourself?

The following is an excerpt of an email I recently wrote a colleague who shares my love of coffee, yet battles with accepting this vice as a part of her daily ritual, contemplating the “false sense of energy” it provides.  My response intended to persuade her to shift her perspective…

In the past, I’ve tried to subtly wean myself off of coffee, especially when I find that I’m drinking it nonstop yet with little to no effect….

But…. I’m sure you share in my assessment that life is too short to deny ourselves the simple pleasures that life brings.  For me, that’s coffee.  I love the smell, the taste, the way it makes me feel, etc.  It’s hard to run off of sheer natural energy, especially for us “yellow” girls who already exude tons of vivaciousness and energy to begin with… at the end of a long day, I’m wiped out, depleted.  So my remedy is to take a daily multi-vitamin pack, rest as much as I can, and find the time to exercise everyday….

I say all of this like it’s so easy.  The whole work-life balance thing is so incredibly tough and I’m sure for you, being a mom and a wife and throwing in your long commute and your responsibilities at work, it’s even tougher than I could ever possibly imagine.  Which is why I’m an advocate of drinking coffee.  The nectar of the gods, as I like to call it.  If it helps you through the day, which is already hectic and go-go-go, I say, drink up, sister!  There are worse vices to have in this world…..


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