It’s Been Awhile…

…. for I seem to have neglected keeping my posts a’fresh.  Consequently, inspired by a long run that I’ll need to log tomorrow while currently listening to Above & Beyond, I figured I might as well jot some thoughts down.

So many ideas are running through my head these days and I’m having some difficulty sleeping at night.  From work to my upcoming race, to new friends, and old, to upcoming travel plans and music shows, to embracing “Katie time” while still finding the time to get all this other _ish done…. some times I’m just straight up drained.

One could sit and stew and be like, “woe is ME!!”  However, I’ve never been one to sit and mull over anything negative that may have the potential to hold me back — at least not for long.  And thus, I must move forward with thoughts that are positively charged.  The San Francisco Marathon will be here before I know it and any negative thinking I cultivate is just going to keep me from crossing that finish line.  So I say to that, “eff you, negative thoughts!  I am stronger than you think and am even stronger than I give myself credit for!”

A glimpse into my inner thought process would probably scare the average person.  Have you ever tried to retrace a thought to where it got its origin from a longer thread of thoughts?  It’s really quite fascinating and makes you realize how beautifully complex the human brain is.  All those neurons and electro-chemicals perfectly firing away at speeds of over 200mph.

Alright, sleep beckons me.  Danke, A&B for your lucid and ambiant tunes — they’ve truly been inspiring.

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