Excellence as a Habit

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Effing Aristotle.  You’re brilliant, man. 

Today marked a gloriously epic day for me.  While I found it increda-difficult to throw myself out of bed this AM, I finally did after hitting snooze about what seemed to be around 10x or so.

I loaded up my shiny new slick green shuffle with Above & Beyond’s Tri-State and Armin van Buuren’s full DJ set of  “A State of Trance 2004” and hit the pavement by around 10:30AM.  I marked my route ahead of time, anticipating that I’d be logging somewhere between 14-15mi.  Hell, it was straight-up gorgeous outside and I was totally feeling the music, so I decided that I was going to run across the Golden Gate Bridge and back….. and I’m so glad I did!!  I felt a runner’s high after crossing the 2nd tower — everything was in sync, I was feeling on top of the world, so strong + so confident!!  The sun was shining, it was the perfect mix of wind, temperature, sunlight, etc, and sure there were touristas everywhere, but nothing was going to deter me from feeling such an increda-high!!

And so, it has begun.  Training is in full swing and I am feeling really confident about the weeks that lie ahead of me.   Nothing will get in my way of crossing that finish line.


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