Heading Up North

My team is having an offsite up in Seattle next week, which will mark two historic moments in time for me: 

First up, I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary with the company on Monday!! Whoot!!  Man…. that makes me sound so old.  I’m officially an old-timer, right?  Well, there’s something to be said about loyalty, for I have most definitely proved myself as a loyal employee having stuck it out for 5 years running… maybe I’ll be a ‘softie for life?  We’ll see…

Secondly, I will be meeting my manager + the rest of my team, face-to-face, for the first time.  How strange is that, really?  I mean, we live in a huge world so it’s not that uncommon these days to have work colleagues that work remotely, but this is a first for me — that is, being THE remote SF contingent on my team.  Okay, sure we have a gal flying in from London on the team, too, but still…. it’s weird. 

So there’s this part of me that wants to put my best face forward so to speak and really make a lasting impression that’s one of confidence and competency.  That is, I want to both actively exude confidence and instill confidence in others that I’m competent, and capable, and can handle my duties with ease.

No pressure or anything.  It’s not like I can’t handle it, nor it’s not like it’s the first time going into a situation that’s in unfamiliar territory.  I say, Bring.  It.  On.


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