Overwhelmed by Choices

It’s the July 4th holiday weekend and having what feels like all the time in the world to do whatever I want, I decided to hit up Amoeba Records in the Haight to take a peek at what their electronica / dance section looks like.  Admittedly, it had been AGES since I had last swung by, so I came in not knowing what to expect.

Ummmmm…. Holy. Sh_t.  Where do I go?  What do I do?  Immediately I went into strategy mode and tried to think of tackling the 4 full rows dedicated to Electronica / Trance / Dance / Jungle in a way that made the most sense.  Seeing that I came in completely unprepared, I decided to start with what was familiar. 

Basically, I perused the aisles to cross-check against the artists I’ve been listening to as of late and see if they had made the Amoeba cut.  In my head I was like,

“Alright, Amoeba, let’s see what you got! 
Do you have…. Shpongle?…
Okay, street credit given.. what about Simian Mobile Disco?….
Okay legit, I’m not surprised….
…..and Harmonic 313? Tiesto? Oceanlab? Infected Mushroom? Koushik? Diplo? Etienne? Deadmau5?…
Wait, I can’t find DM, yet your Music We Like brochure says I can find it in Electronica…  hmmm…”

In the Katie v. Ameoba Records back alley knife fight, Amoeba came out victorious, cutting me up good, solidifying their legitimacy as a bonafide record store.  While I left feeling perplexed and overwhelmed, I realized that they’re not joking around here and that an absolute must before I return here again is that this girl’s gotta do her homework. 

Damn you, Amoeba!!  Right when I was confident that I’d be reigning myself in from any future frivolous music purchasing!! 


  1. Electronica? When did this happen? You’re into Diplo? I don’t even know who you are anymore. Was this born with your immediate fascination with Freezepop on Guitar Hero?

  2. When did this happen, you ask?

    Don’t you recall my love for Energy 92.7?
    Singing in my car to Edun’s “Put ’em Up”, yet reciting the wrong lyrics?
    Wasn’t it I that introduced you to Daft Punk?
    Yes, I just took credit for that. Just now.

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