Whelp, the race has come and gone and the results are IN!!  And I did much better than I expected!!  I don’t normally train for time, but instead for distance, and I never wear a watch when running, but have always had a pretty good sense for my pace based on my performance in previous races.  In running the 2009 SF Marathon this AM, I was predicting that I’d finish somewhere between 4:15-4:20, and my strategy was to pair up with the 4:15 pace group.  However, due to the incredibly long line for the porta potties, I missed my assigned wave and was forced to start in the wave after mine.  While on the run, I intentionally passed the 4:30 pace group and thought that so long as I stay ahead of that wolf pack, then I’d be good to go.

My 2009 SF Marathon Results

Well, it paid off!  Sure I stopped at mile 5 to use the restroom, and sure I shuffled my feet at every aid station, but I felt strong!  I remember getting up to mile 18 and thinking “alright, we’ve only got single digits left to go!”  and at mile 22, which was dedicated to my dear friend, Liz, I was feeling super strong.  Sure my ankles and feet and hips started to hurt in the upper-echelon digits, but all along the course, I kept spotting people donning t-shirts that read “pain is only temporary”, reminding me to suck it up and say “no weak sh_t today, Katie”.  I sang and cheered and fist-pumped and graciously thanked the volunteers all the way to the end and passed several folks who had given up with the finish line in sight!  Something I will never understand….

Anywho, I rallied at the end and finished strong!!  Am I completely nuts that I’m already craving Chicago in October?  My next goal is to finish a sub-4hr marathon, which I think I’ll reserve for either SF next summer or the Portland or Seattle Marathon in 2010.

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