Post-Marathon Recovery

I feel surprisingly very good today, though I am a bit rickety and stiff, very much like how I imagine an 83-yr-old feels on any given day.  I hit up Bikram Yoga this AM to combat some of the stiffness in my legs and to flush out the lactic acid that’s built up in my shins + quads.  It’s actually my quads + hips that are the sore-est / most sore. 

I’m confident that by tomorrow I’ll be feeling back to my normal self, but I won’t hit the pavement again until Thursday at the very earliest this week. 

In the meantime, I’m already strategizing for my next race endeavors.  On the train ride into work this AM, I read in Runner’s World that Sarah Palin completed a marathon in 3:59:36 in 2005 — she was 41 at the time.  Damnit, Sarah.  Now I have to beat you.


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