Can I share something beautiful with you?

So many feelings are welling up inside of me as I prepare for the next chapter of my life.  Yes, friends, it’s true — I am leaving my job at Microsoft and have decided to join a start-up.  As to be expected, I’m incredibly nervous with excitement and anticipation as to what this next phase of my life will mean, what people it will bring into my life, what new experiences I’ll learn from and participate in, and ultimately what I’ll be able to discover about myself in the process.

It’s been a wonderful journey thus far, and lately more than ever, I’ve realized how truly rich my life is.  I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, largely because of the friends I’ve been able to make and the experiences I’ve been granted.  My heart is full, and I am so incredibly grateful for this wonderful, beautiful, amazing life that keeps unfolding before me. 

I stumbled upon this video a few minutes ago and couldn’t help but feel a swell of emotions well up inside of me… near the end, I found myself weeping.  

Life is so beautiful and is to be treasured and I thank god everyday for all the little things that serve to enhance my time here on earth.  I hope you find this as beautiful and as special as I found it.


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