Last night I caught a show at Slim’s and I left feeling completely overwhelmed.  For starters, I’ve been following School of Seven Bells from a peripheral view since the start of this year and had been planning on catching their SF show for months.  When I finally pulled the trigger and actually bought my ticket to the show, I was immediately over-the-moon when I saw who was slated as their opening act: none other than the gem duo I’ve been obsessed with, Phantogram

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had randomly stumbled upon them while listening to KEXP on my last trip up to Seattle and I was bummed thinking that I wouldn’t be able to see them perform live since the research I had done suggested that they were only touring in their home state of New York.  Immediately following their stellar performance, I unnecessarily gushed all of this to the lead singer, Sarah Barthel, telling her how much I loved her and how hip and trendy and cute I thought she was and that I was confident that they were going to make it big.  Ugh… what is wrong with me? I need to start reeling in the enthusiasm.  Whatever. 

Here are some pics I snapped from the show, which was really really phenomenal:

Sarah Barthel of Phantogram

PhantogramPhantogramlegitimately rocking out

School of Seven Bells

Claudia Deheza

Alejandra Deheza

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