My Last Day

Friday, October 16th, 2009: my last day at Microsoft after starting 5 years and 4 months ago…  wow.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that the day was largely surreal for me.  Here’s a quick recap of the festivities that transpired on my last day:

1) Time for lunch. The boys took me out to sushi for my last day lunch.  I can’t say it wasn’t delicious because that would be a lie.

rainbow roll = heaven in yer mouthlion king roll = covered in mayo. so wrong, yet so right.Dave Stefan Chongspider roll = deliciousityme + my Stan

2) Time for cake.
  Coincidentally, Friday was also Danielle’s last day at MSFT.  To celebrate, we ate ice cream cake. It was delicious:

cutting the cakethe office, eating cakeme + my Dave Choicoworkers: Trent Alli Caroline 3) Time for snacks downstairs.  My last day also coincided with the day that we welcomed our friends from RAPT into the SF office.  To celebrate, there was an obscene amount of food:

cheese platefood more foodbeverage, anyone?

4) Time to go.  Alright, pack your stuff up, turn in your corporate AMEX card, your laptop and your blue badge, among other things:

No more Corporate AMEX card

my deskbox 'o stuffNo More MSFT Badge

5) Time for drinks.  Semi-impromptu, Trent rallied the gang for some Happy Hour cocktails at Straits. I’m not gonna lie, I got tipsy.

champagne shotsme + anna bananastefan stan davechong lucy carloscoworkers + drinks

Whelp, that about covers it.  Goodbye, Microsoft!!  Goodbye friends!!  It’s been real.

my office door nameplate


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