Treasure Island 2009 [day 1 recap]

Ohmahgawd… MSTRKRFT straight up dominated Treasure Island Music Festival this year.  The crowd was so into it, actively fist pumping, dancing, cheering and singing along to all their tracks with lyrics.  I can’t stop thinking about it, actually.  Here’s a taste:

To my chagrin, Passion Pit was a bit of a disappointment.  While the sound of the band was great, the lead singer needs to get himself some confidence to back up his falsetto voice which would bolster his stage presence significantly.  Also a bit of a let down was Girl Talk, which had nothing to do with Greg Gillis but more with the sound coming out of the stage he was forced to perform on.  There was nothing grandiose or official when he started doing his thing and if I wasn’t looking directly at the stage, I would’ve easily thought that the folks behind the sound booth were simply playing filler music in between MSTRKRFT’s set ending and GT’s set beginning.  MGMT closed the night in grand fashion, drawing a gigantic and enthusiastic crowd.  There were fireworks and lasers and great lights.  It was epic.

All in all, I was pretty impressed with the first night of the festival and left feeling happy, but what really irked me about Treasure Island was the following:

1) Over-flowing porta potties.  Really?  What the hell, festival organizers?  Did you not anticipate having a sold-out crowd?  Wasn’t this a complaint from last year? Have we not progessed, people?

2) Drunk teenagers – EVERYWHERE!
Including a group standing less than two feet away from me and my friends while we waited for MSTRKRFT to come on.  Picture the scene:

Drunk girl #563: Okay, guys. I’m gonna pee right here. Can you make sure no one is looking?
Me: (pointing my finger directly at drunk girl #563) NO you’re NOT going to pee where we’re all standing. You’re gonna get your ass to a porta potty. MSTRKRFT doesn’t come on for another half hour, you have time… go!
Drunk girl #563: (puzzled that I’ve just yelled at her) Do they have porta potties in the VIP section?
Me: YES. Now GO. You have time. Get out of here!

[Gawd, did that really happen? Well apparently it did, according to Jonas’ tweet of: “Confucius says ‘don’t poop where you eat and don’t pee where you dance’.”]

3) Long ass bus lines. Standing in a line that snakes through a labyrinth of metal fences after being on your feet all day had the effect of making me feel like how cattle must feel.

4) Hipsters – EVERYWHERE!
Okay, I usually don’t discriminate, but I just don’t get it.  Will someone please tell me what the eff is up with “fashion” these days?  Is the idea to look as unattractive as possible?  Or is it to appear that you spent little to no time or money on your ensemble and that you just don’t care how you look?  Well, either way, hipsters were abound at TI, which made me and my crew feel a bit out of place in our “normal-looking” attire.  Conformity is the new anti-conformity.


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