my week off, a recap of

Productivity should be my middle name.  I’ve always known that I’m a “to do list” kindofagal and this week off between leaving my old job at Microsoft and starting my new job at FreeWheel solidifies the legitimacy of the self-proclaimed title I’ve oh-so actively embraced.

While the week has definitely flown by in retrospect, I can say with assured confidence that it’s been a productive one.  Here’s a recap of what I was able to accomplish this week:

– attended Treasure Island Music Festival [both days]
– started almost every day at 6:30am with yoga
– did 3 loads of laundry, including all of my bedding
– picked up / dropped off dry-cleaning
– bought 2 new records at Amoeba in the Haight
– had breakfast at Velo Rouge Café
– donated 3 pairs of old Asics running shoes at Sports Basement
– donated 5 full bags of clothes and shoes at Goodwill
– returned 2 pairs of shoes
– dropped off + picked up my newly altered jeans
– shipped a package to Chicago [an impulsive purchase that elicited buyer’s remorse, I just had to return it]
– mailed a package / picked up a package [not at the same location, mind you]
– cleaned my room
– had lunch at Bistro 9 with a new friend
– visited the California Academy of Science
– spent 2 nights up in Napa
– scoured the Premium Outlet shops in Napa
– visited the Salvestrin Winery
– bought + assembled a dresser from IKEA with embelished drawer nobs from Anthropologie
– attended a Ladies Dinner at my friend Julie’s oh-so-charming flat
– had lunch with my friend, Derek
– danced to Sander van Doorn @ Ruby Skye
– bought groceries for the week at Trader Joe’s

The thing is, the week isn’t over yet and I still have loads to do, including:

– buy concert tickets
– schedule an oil change
– get gas for my car
– do more laundry
– practice more yoga
– pay bills
– upload pictures
– attend Lindsey’s housewarming party
– put the finishing touches on my Halloween costume
– finish my book
– pick up my boxes / packages from MSFT
– return my black boots [well, maybe – I might decide to keep ’em]
– call my friends + family
– plan my outfit for my first day at FreeWheel

Phew! Sometimes it feels as though our lives are constantly consumed by tackling never ending to do lists, for as soon as you find yourself crossing off all the items from one list, another list inevitably emerges.  Don’t get me wrong, I like lists and love the sense of accomplishment that comes with checking things off of all the lists that I find myself making, but I often wonder if the day will ever come when I either stop caring as much and cease making lists altogether?  Or if I’ll ever get to a point when I truly feel fulfilled and no longer need to tackle things, line item by line item….?

Yeah.  Not gonna happen.


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