2009, a recap

Killing time at a coffee shop the other day, I overheard a man waiting for his latte comment to the barista behind the bar, “Wow.  2009 is over, huh?  Man, what happened?  When we were kids, time seemed to drag on and on, and now that we’re adults, time just flies by… wonder why that is?”

To think that another year has come and gone is a bit surreal.  Looking back on 2009, it definitely breezed on by and there are times when I have trouble recollecting all the little details that make up everything that transpired.  While I didn’t quite tackle everything that I originally set out to achieve in 2009, in retrospect, this was quite a banner year for me, in terms of accomplishments. 

2009, a recap:

  1. Traveled to Mexico for Jade + Erik’s Wedding
  2. Set a PR running the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon!!
  3. Underwent sinus surgery
  4. Signed up for a year’s worth of unlimited Bikram Yoga!!
  5. Traveled to New York (x2), Seattle (x5), Portland (x6), Richmond (x2), Chicago (x1), Napa (x1), San Diego (x1)
  6. Set a PR running the San Francisco Marathon!! [4:07:09]
  7. Got new glasses!!
  8. Ran the Chicago Marathon!!
  9. Left my job at Microsoft after +5yrs
  10. Started a new job at FreeWheel!!
  11. Paid off my car!! [1.5years ahead of schedule!]
  12. Threw a smashing Black + Blue-inspired Birthday Party!!
  13. Attended many ‘a live music shows…
  14. Met Amon Tobin, Sarah Barthel from Phantogram, Derek Vincent Smith [aka Pretty Lights], Jono + Paavo from Above & Beyond, Boom Jinx, A-Trak, and Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow
  15. Made new friends, tried new things…
  16. Had my heart broken…
  17. Signed up for a new gym in San Mateo…

Phew!  Is that everything?  It feels like there are things that I might’ve missed.  Looking to 2010, I can’t help but anticipate there being great things in store.  Thanks 2009!!  It’s been real.

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