only *slightly* obsessed

So, after more than two years of having “buy a laptop” on my personal to do list, I finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago on a shiny MacBook Pro and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Like, is it bad that I think about her all the time and only want to come straight home right after work and just play? Well, if it is an obsession, I’m okay with it.  Actually, I’m pretty certain that friends and family will support this newfound addiction of mine.  Perhaps it’s only temporary — a fleeting feeling that’ll soon pass once I’ve gotten bored with her?  All I know is, this new relationship I’m in is off to a great start.  She’s around when I want her to be, she’s responsive and accommodating, and did I mention that she’s very, very attractive?  I’m in love.

Ain’t she purdy?  I sure think so.

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