I want to date a DJ

So I’ve just decided….. that I want to date a DJ.

Here’s my thought process:

1)      It’s safe to assume that most DJs have good taste in music and are always listening to new music to get inspired to improve their own repertoire. I wouldn’t mind being privy to all of this new music and with all of the new stuff that I already find myself listening to, well, how cool would it be to help inspire my DJ boyfriend and hear one of the tracks that I suggested he insert into his set and be like “yeah.. that was me… right there. Credit given, credit taken, credit accepted. You’re welcome, crowd.”

2)      DJs – the good ones, at least – are world travelers, and what do you know? I love to travel the world! Sounds like a match made in heaven, if you ask me. Take me ’round the world, cute DJ boyfriend. Let’s travel to the corners of the earth and go exploring. I’ll pack a suitcase and help you pack yours. Let’s go!

3)      Most DJs are pretty good looking, too. Most. Not all.

Tiesto? Hot.
Kaskade? Hotter.
Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Deadmau5. Yes, please.
Gareth Emery. Sure.
Ferry Corsten. You look like Matt Damon.
Axwell, Sander Van Doorn? Super cute.
Jono Grant? Can we make out soon?
Paavo Siljamäki? You are so nerdy-looking, and yes, I know you’re married and have a daughter. But… there is something about you that I find so damned crush-worthy.
Eric Prydz, Andy Moor. Call me?
Avicii. I find you strangely good-looking, though I am probably much older than you.

As for those who land on the not-so-good-looking-thanks-I’ll-pass list:

Claude Von Stroke. Meh. Pass.
John Digweed. Uhh… Pass.
Paul Oakenfold. Cool, but… you is old!
Carl Cox. You look like a hippopotamus.
Benny Benassi.  Meh. I feel like you’re always drunk.
Joachim Garrud. You sure are an amazing performer. And yes, I remember you touched my arm that one time. But…. yeah… no.
Wolfgang Gartner. You are most definitely one of my favorite DJs, but that does not mean that I feel incented to make-out with you.

So there you have it.  How serious am I about this newfound realization of mine?  Not serious at all, really.  But it sure sounds like fun.



    1. Fair enough. We all seem to go through different musical phases at different stages of our lives and these days [well, all days since I was 17, actually], I can’t help but gravitate towards the optimism that I find in most electronic music given all the crumby things going on in the world today. =)

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