what if every day felt like a weekend?

This past weekend was conceivably one of the better weekends I’ve had in recent memory.  I’ll admit that saying that is a pretty bold statement, so I’ll elaborate.

First, the weather in SF was more than propitious — the sunshine and 70′ weather was a welcome departure from the colder winter days we’ve been battling since November, signaling to all the locals that spring is just around the corner, waiting for us….

Of course with the weather being so delightful, my bike and I were beckoned on more than a couple of occasions to go outside and cruise around.  Today I logged 11miles, yesterday I logged 12.  This afternoon I decided somewhat spontaneously to lay down in Golden Gate Park after riding around for about an hour and read my book in the grass, it was fabulous.  I even contemplated sprawling out and taking a nap, but I decided against it. [Admittedly, mild paranoia started to sink in when I started to think about leaving my bike out in the open while I conked out, not smart.]

Riding around Golden Gate Park, I was instantly reminded of the fellowship that exists amongst those that frequent the park on a sunny day.  Runners were out running, cyclists were out cycling, kids were scooting around on Razrs, several rollerbladers took to the paths, a handful of tourists took to pedaling those 6-man surreys, families lead caravans of hybrid bikes in single-file [or at least attempted to], it was great.  Everywhere you looked, people were smiling, basking in the sunshine, donning short-sleeved shirts and shorts.  Happy.  It’s days like this that serve as a  not-so-subtle reminder that I live in one of the  most desirable and beautiful cities in the country, if not the whole world.

I snapped a few pics that intended to capture the beauty of the weekend, and will post them as soon as I remember to…. but it’s weekends like this that also tend to go by way too fast.  The next thing you know, it’s Sunday night and it’s time to start preparing yourself for the week ahead.  Before starting this post, I thought to myself briefly, “what if all days were like today?  what if every day felt like a weekend?” Wouldn’t that be something?  Then again, maybe your days do feel that way only upon retirement.  …or being independently wealthy.  Since time travel hasn’t been invented yet, I can’t expedite time to fast forward to retirement age, so instead I’ll work on the being independently wealthy biz.  And then every day can feel like a holiday.

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