2010, a recap

Whoa.  Am I the only one who’s a bit perplexed that 2011 is already a quarter of the way over?  Time certainly has been flying and it occurred to me recently that I haven’t done a retrospective on all the great events in my life that transpired in 2010.

Looking back, I can’t say that it was a banner year for me, but it was certainly on par with the theme of my life as of late — busy.

2010, a recap:

  1. Ran the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon for the 3rd straight year
  2. Ran my 4th marathon in July — The SF Marathon [4:10]
  3. Ran my 5th marathon in December — The California International in Sacramento [4:20:10]
  4. Practiced a year’s worth of unlimited Bikram Yoga!!
  5. Traveled to Spain with Megan Gordon [cities visited included: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada + Sevilla]
  6. Threw a smashing Red + Black-inspired Birthday Party!!
  7. Attended Winter Music Conference, Coachella Music + Arts Festival and Electric Zoo for the first time!
  8. Attended Outside Lands Music Festival and Treasure Island Festival for the 2nd time!
  9. Visited Yosemite National Park for the first time
  10. Signed up to ride the AIDS/LifeCycle ride!
  11. Spent Christmas in New York!
  12. Made a ton of new great friends, attended a boatload of shows, have an slew of new memories in my memory bank.

Damn. I guess 2010 was pretty kick ass.

As for 2011, it’s already moving at a pace that is difficult for me to keep up with.  I ran the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon for the 4th straight year, I bought a new road bike, I got a promotion at work, I popped over to Barcelona for a long weekend, I traveled to Los Angeles, New York [x2], Dallas and Seattle, I signed up for another year of unlimited Bikram Yoga, I’m a confirmed participant at the SF Marathon in July… and I’m moving…. and it’s only the middle of March!  I can’t help but feel really optimistic for all that the year ahead will bring, though I recognize that with all of this activity, it’s become even more critical for me to carve out some time, just for me.

We’ll see how it goes…  ;)

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