My Summer of 2011 List of To-Do’s

After talking with Derek, Megan and Brian last night about the things we each aspire to accomplish this summer, I felt both compelled and inspired to create my own “Katie’s Top Ten List of To-Do’s” for the summer of 2011.  Indulge me for a moment:

  1. Participate in the 10th annual AIDS LifeCycle ride  complete!
  2. Go skydiving with Derek Brookmeyer [we were supposed to go on his birthday back in March through a GroupOn but due to low cloud coverage, we were forced to postpone]
  3. Ride my bike to CalTrain for work at least once
  4. Attend at least one Stern Grove concert complete! Neko Case + The Dodos, Sunday, July 3rd
  5. Participate in Critical Mass
  6. Run the SF Marathon in under 4hrs
    UPDATED: Run the SF Half Marathon in under 2hrs complete! Finished in 1:56:27!
  7. Participate in SF Pride complete!
  8. Travel abroad with my best girlfriends in celebration of our upcoming birthday milestone [ahem, 30. gulp]
  9. Spend a weekend up in Napa, CA complete!  Monday, July 4th
  10. Attend Meagan McCrystle’s wedding in North Carolina complete!  Meagan and Patrick were married on Saturday, September 17th 

I think that about covers it…. well, for now, at least.  Seeing this list has me so excited for all that lies ahead this summer, as it means spending time with friends that I love, enjoying San Francisco and exposing myself to new things.   Bring. It. On.


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