Tales from the Ride

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since I’ve returned from the 10th annual AIDS LifeCycle ride and have been operating back in the real world again [well, attempting to, at least], and yet I continually find myself looking back fondly on my experience from a week that changed my life.

Today, Ferd’s Mojo video got published to Mojo’s YouTube channel and last week, Derek’s video was posted.  I also stumbled upon a video that Ken “Chicken Lady” Thomason had done and finally learned about just why he rides year over year.

I publish these tales here to serve as a keepsake [mostly] for myself, but also for those of you who have yet to participate and are perhaps considering that next year will be your year.  Enjoy!

Ferd’s video:
[watch for a cameo by yours truly!]

Derek’s video:

Chicken Lady’s video:
my favorite quote: “if the energy of these people that are pedaling today was put in a generator, we could light up New York for a week”

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