I’m turning 30, people

This day has finally come.

Tonight marks my last night as a twenty-something and in many ways, I find it strangely satisfying.  After attending yoga earlier today and mentioning to Elizabeth that my 30th birthday is tomorrow, she remarked “you’ve had a really good decade, Katie”.  It occurred to me then that she was right; what a great perspective to have on the eve of the next decade of my life.  Of course this totally warrants a blog post, where I felt it only fitting to list the highlights of the last decade.  Indulge me for a moment:

Highlights of my 20s:

  • Graduating from college in 4yrs
  • Moving to San Francisco [and subsequently setting up my adult life here]
  • Gaining financial freedom [paying off my car, student loans and credit card, setting up my 401K, etc]
  • Completing 5 marathons and 8 half marathons [9 after tomorrow’s race]
  • Discovering a love for Bikram yoga
  • Participating in the 10th annual AIDS LifeCycle Ride [535mi on my bike in 7 days]
  • Embarking on several international trips [UK, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico]
  • Working for a start-up company, a company relatively fresh out of start-up mode, and a well-established Fortune 500 company
  • Embracing my love for music [read: more concerts than I can count, music festivals Coachella, Ultra, Outside Lands, Treasure Island, Electric Zoo]
  • Falling in love, being okay with being vulnerable, and mending a broken heart
  • Making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and supporting friends progress through new chapters of their lives [think: marriage, children, relocating across the country or to another country, going back to school, going through a significant break-up, starting new careers, etc]

I’m sure there are some other highlights that I might be by-passing, but these are the ones that stand out as most prominent for me tonight.  I look at this list and my heart swells with pride, for as great as my 20s were, I know that my 30s will have many more great things in store.  Thanks for the memories, 20s. You were fabulous.



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