Katie Carroll, v3.0 | Goals for the next decade

Well, it’s here!  I’m 30-years-old!  Today. 30. 30-years-old.  Today is my birthday. My 30th birthday. A huge milestone.  A time to reflect on the last 30 years and plan for the next 10, 20, 30 — and beyond.

Inspired by my last post, where I captured some of the greater highlights of my 20s, I feel it necessary to project what I’d like to set out to achieve in my 30s.  There have certainly been some things that I’ve been mulling over for quite awhile and I think it’s about time that I officially commit myself to accomplishing them now that I’m a bona fide adult.  Here it goes:

  1. Finish a marathon in under 4hrs
  2. Complete a triathlon
  3. Travel to Italy, France, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland
  4. Get certified to teach yoga
  5. Learn to ski/snowboard
  6. Take piano lessons
  7. Finish my t-shirt quilt [a long-term project I’ve been postponing forever]
  8. Bolster my personal savings [actual details reserved for Katie and her financial adviser]

I think that’s about it for now.  I intend to revisit this post and add to the list when other long-term goals present themselves, but I wanted to get these first few up and publicly posted so as to hold myself accountable.

Here we go!  Wish me good luck!  Today is day #1 for the next 10yrs [well, assuming the world doesn’t end in 2012].

***Disclaimer: please note that none of the aforementioned goals include having babies, securing a man/getting married, or obtaining a mortgage.  Not to say that these things are completely off the table.  I just don’t feel that I should be working hard to cross those things off of a goal-oriented list when, to me, whether they happen or not is entirely up to fate and in the chance that they don’t happen, I don’t want to feel disappointed.***



One comment

  1. Sweet! Love the goals! I’d love to join in on the travel destinations (all of them sound awesome). I’d also love to have you be my yoga instructor! Count me in when you are ready for the triathlon or to hit the slopes!

    You rock!

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