The Holidays are here…

… and you know what that means?  It’s time for some of the wittiest, most inventive, and funniest TV commercials you’ve ever seen!

Target has already unleashed some supremely hilarious spots, including these little gems featuring the oh-so-talented Maria Bamford:

but I think this one is my all-time favorite:


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow.  It’s strange to realize that 2010 is almost over — and what an incredible year it’s been thus far!  As I find myself reflecting on all of the great memories made with friends and family this past year, I can’t help but feel an intense gratitude for this beautiful, wonderful life that keeps expanding for me.  Today’s post doesn’t intend to list out all of the great memories and accomplishments of 2010 [that’ll be reserved for my New Year’s post], but it’s more to take a moment and reflect on the many blessings that I have in my life.  As mentioned in posts of past, my life is rich beyond my wildest dreams and I find myself wanting for nothing — who could ask for anything more?

May we all reflect on the myriad of blessings we’re all bestowed with on this day of thanks and remember that every moment, every memory made, every new friend gained, every new experienced indulged in…. well, these all serve to enhance our time on earth and to give thanks we must not only recognize our blessings but also give back in a way that praises those people who have enriched our lives.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!